Wholesaler of Quality, European suiting fabric. Roots since 1966

Artextile International Co., Ltd is the authorized wholesaler of multiple suiting and shirting brands imported from Italy, the UK and various locations. The majority of Artextile International fabrics are procured from premium wool mills from Biella (Italy) and the neighboring areas of Biella...

We are highly selective of fabric mills we work with and source from the mills that have a long history of repeated success. For instance, mills of the like of Vitale Barberis Canonico have dedicated 350+ years in making excellent wool fabrics.

Most fabric collections we have are produced with selvedge - words weaved on the fabric edges showing the brand name, quality of the fabric, hence assisting in verifying fabric authenticity and relevant information. Selvedge is weaved on most of our collections; please check with us for more information.

Authentic Fabric Origin



From 2009, Artextile international Company Ltd was created with the purpose to carry on a substantial part of the business of a family owned fabric wholesale business started in 1966...


Majority of our orders are prepared by next day to our customers. For Hong Kong customers, we deliver door to door for certain locations. We also open Saturdays full-days for customers' urgent needs...


In Artextile International, we work closely with business partners and stakeholders who work hard together to dress up our customers to look nice and proper for work and parties...

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